Intimidated by the cloud? We have simplified things.

There is a reason why the biggest and best companies out there are switching to cloud hosting and it has a lot to do with safety, speed and convenience. We add one more factor to the equation: simplicity.

What We Offer in our Cloud Hosting Dubai UAE

Safe and Secure Solutions

Hackers or malfunction, cloud hosting protects you against elements that are out to get your data. We offer automatic backup of your data at an interval of 4 hours only. We will restore it from backup copy if something goes wrong at any stage.

Increased Speed

Forget about load times that take ages. Vertilex Hosting cloud platform has an inbuilt caching layer and global CDN which are designed to make your server resources more streamlined. Your content is better managed by our low-density servers and top notch hardware to ensure increase speed in the load time of your website.

Sheer Simplicity

With very little technical knowledge, you can understand how your site is performing from a single glance. We provide a detailed dashboard which gives you an overview of vital information regarding your site such as uptime, speed, global reach and lots more. Our resource management helps create balance particularly if your traffic suddenly spikes.

More, More, More…

More traffic is really a good thing when you host your website on our cloud hosting platform. As your online brand grows and more users begin to visit your site, you can easily expand the capacity of your website with any of our custom solutions. The best part is that everything is out there; there are no hidden fees.

Expert Maintenance

If you run into any hitch, our team of experts is at your service. We proved 24/7 maintenance so that you always get the help you need, when you need it.

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We are doing it on the fastest web servers, we’re all about speed, Your website will be ready within only Minutes from now!