Social Media Maintenance in Dubai


Companies targeting the UAE

Social media and digital marketing are some of the most powerful tools of our day, and most companies are beginning to understand that. Social media presence is no longer optional. Any company that wants to move ahead and reach its target audience needs to have a social media presence.

Dubai Design Centre is one of the top digital agencies in the UAE. Incorporating highly technical and creative digital marketing strategies to produce high level engagement with old, new and potential clients, we build your online brand so that your message is consistent across all major platforms. We conduct thorough research in order to understand your business as well as consumer behavior so as to create a community to which your clients feel proud to belong.

Our team of Social Media community managers is fully equipped to manage a vast number of social media accounts and our satisfied customers have testified to a high ROI and improved customer engagement.

With over 7 years’ experience, the management team of Vertilex understands the region and has in depth insight into the business culture. As a result, we can create a social media strategy that is tailored specifically for your brand.

When you sign on with us, you get experienced professionals who understand your target audience. With an account manager assigned to you, you can be as involved in the management of your social media accounts as you choose. You will also gain access to our community of close to 4 million active users on Facebook.

Our large list of clients from all over the world already know what you are about to discover.

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Social Media Maintenance in Dubai

Facebook Maintenance

As you know Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the current world, we work on your facebook account actively to make it more interactive with your your current and potential customers as well as maintain a positive relationship with them all. Following are list of the services we are offering to our clients.

Build A Page
We will construct your page from the scrach with unique features and style.

Landing Page
When the user come first time he/she will see this page.

In the youtube page your fans will be viewing your youtube video.

All your tweet in the twitter account will appear here to your facebook fans.

Your website visitors will be able to see your facebook activities live on the website.